Access Requirements

General access requirements

In order to access the PhD program regulated by the R.D. 99/2011 rule, it will be necessary, according to the provisions in article 6:

• To hold official Spanish titles of Bachellor’s Degree, or equivalent, and Master's Degree.

Also, those applicants being in any of the following cases can access a PhD program:

• To hold an official university degree that qualifies for Master's access and have passed a minimum of 300 ECTS credits, of which at least 60 ECTS must be at the Master's level. More information: Rector's resolution establishing credit equivalencies and master level assessment

• To hold an official Spanish degree of Graduate, of at least 300 ECTS credits, and take training complements, unless the study plan included research credits equivalent to those of Master.

• University graduates who, after obtaining a place in specialized health training, have passed positive evaluation at least two years of training in the program.

• To hold a degree obtained in accordance with foreign educational systems, without the need for homologation, after verification by the university that it accredits a level of education equivalent to that of the official Spanish Master's Degree and that it allows in the issuing country of the degree for access to PhD studies. This admission will not imply the homologation of the previous degree nor its recognition for other purposes.

• To hold another Spanish PhD diploma.

• To be a PhD student in accordance with previous university ordinances after being admitted by the corresponding university, in accordance with the provisions of RD 99/2011 and the regulations of the university itself.

• Graduates, Architects or Engineers who were in possession of the Diploma of Advanced Studies obtained in accordance with the provisions of R.D. 778/1998 or reached the research proficiency regulated in the R.D. 185/1985.


Specific requirements for admission to the Doctoral Program in Integrative Biology

In addition to the general requirements established above, the Academic Committee of the PhD Program in Integrative Biology establishes the following specific requirements for admission.

Three profiles of access to the program are considered:

• Profile 1. Students who meet the requirements established in RD 99/2011, with official Master's Degrees in "Biology" or related fields ("Environmental Sciences", "Medicine", "Pharmacy", "Environment", " Veterinary "," Biotechnology "," Agronomic Engineering "," Forestry Engineering "," Psychology ") at any University of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

• Profile 2. Students who have completed officially recognized Master's Degrees in OECD countries (, but without a credit system equivalent to the EHEA. After consulting the documentation provided, they may receive specific training supplements to cover any possible deficiencies found.

• Profile 3. Students who have completed Master's Degrees in other countries not mentioned above, or who have completed official Master's Degrees in the EHEA or OECD countries in disciplines not mentioned in profile 1. They will need to receive some specific training complements, to cover the possible deficiencieces.