Information about training complements

The Academic Committee will formulate for each candidate the need for training complements according to their income profile:

•  Profile 1: These students will not need training complements.

• Profile 2: After consulting the documentation provided, they may receive specific training supplements to cover any possible deficiencies found. These complements will be specifically core or compulsory subjects (up to a maximum of 18 ECTS) of the official Master’s of the University of Seville related to Biology that are offered at that time.

• Profile 3: They must pass 18 ECTS (in exceptional cases up to 24 ECTS) of the core or compulsory part of an official Master's Degree at the University of Seville, related to Biology, among those offered at that time. These complements will be linked to certain subjects of any of the Master's Degrees related to the different available areas of science (Sciences and Health Sciences) and technologies, or in the catalogue of the Master's Degrees offered in the context of the University of Seville each academic year. (