Information relevant for new applicants

The University of Seville, through the website of the Doctorate Service, reports everything related to the Doctorate studies in the following link:

In a detailed way, it offers information to all users about the regulations and training offer (specifying the current PhD program plans and their lines of research); as well as, orientation to the student (access, admission, enrollment calendar, scholarships and grants, academic-administrative information, ...) and to the bodies responsible for the programs in everything related to PhD studies.

PhD studies are currently regulated by Royal Decree 99/2011, of January 28, which regulates official PhD studies and incorporates as novelties with respect to previous regulations:

• New access requirements that make entry to PhD studies more flexible.

• It establishes the duration of studies along with the student's part- or full-time conditions:

     • Full-time student: 3 + 1 + 1 yearly courses

     • Part-time student: 5 + 2 + 1 yearly courses

• New documents to monitor the PhD student's activities:

     • Research plan (replaces the thesis project).

     • Documentary commitment.

     • Document of PhD student activities.

• International Mention in Doctor's Degree: it replaces the "European Doctor", with similar requirements.

• Thesis evaluation procedure:

     • The Dissertation committee must be composed of a majority of external members.

     • Thesis (quantitative assessment) + document of activities of the PhD student (qualitative assessment).

This regulation is developed by the University of Seville:

Agreement 9.1 / CG 19-4-12 approving the regulations governing the PhD thesis conditions

Agreement 7.2 / CG 17-6-11 approving the Regulations for PhD studies in accordance with the regulations of the R.D. 99/2011.

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