Plant Biology: Physiology, Biotechnology, Biodiversity, Evolution and Conservation

The "Plant Biology: Physiology, Biotechnology, Biodiversity, Evolution and Conservation" line is represented by professors and researchers from the Faculty of Biology of the University of Seville and from several research centers of the CSIC (Doñana Biological Station, Institute of Natural Resources and Agrobiology of Seville, Institute for Fats) and others (IFAPA Las Torres, Junta de Andalucía, ABNT), as well as professors from European and American institutions. Senior professors have extensive experience in project management and thesis supervision and the youngest professors have started promising research careers. Most of them lead or participate in competitive research projects of national and international calls. Research programs include, among other aspects, plant reproduction biology, biogeography and phylogeography, taxonomy and molecular systematics, natural selection and adaptation, pollination and dispersal, ecophysiology, metabolism, restoration and vegetation ecology, biotic interactions, invasions, or mechanisms of tolerance and stress resistance.


Álvarez Morales, Rosario        

Aparicio Martínez, Abelardo  

Arista Palmero, Montserrat               

Arroyo Marín, Juan     

Balao Robles, Francisco Javier

Castillo Segura, Jesús Manuel

Colmenero Flores, José Manuel

Díaz Antunes-Barradas, Mª Cruz

Díaz Espejo, Antonio               

Díaz Lifante, Zoila

Echevarría Ruiz de Vargas, Cristina 

Feria Bourrelier, Ana Belén               

Figueroa Clemente, M. Enrique

Gallego Fernández, Juan Bautista

García Mauriño, Sofía 

García, María B.

Godoy del Olmo, Oscar

Gómez Aparicio, Lorena

González Albaladejo, Rafael               

Hampe, Arndt  

Herrera Maliani, F. Javier

Jordano, Pedro

Lavergne, Sebastien   

Marañon Arana, Teodoro

Mateos Naranjo, Enrique

Medel, Rodrigo

Mejías Gimeno, José Antonio 

Monreal Hermoso, José Antonio

Muñoz Reinoso, José Carlos               

Ortiz Ballesteros, Pedro

Pannell, John   

Pérez Barrales, Rocío  

Picó, Xavier

Redondo Gómez, Susana

Rodríguez Sánchez, Francisco

Rubio Casal, Alfredo   

Terrab Benjelloun, Anass

Vallejo-Marín, Mario               

Vilá, Montserrat

Viruel, Juan      

Zunzunegui  González, María