Molecular and Cell Biology, Microbiology: Physiology, Biotechnology and Biodiversity

The "Molecular and Cell Biology, Microbiology: Physiology, Biotechnology and Biodiversity" line is carried out by researchers and professors from different departments from the School of Biology, from other Schools, from Joint Research Centers such as CABIMER, IBIS, CSIC centers such as, IRNAS and the Institute for Fats, and from IFAPA. The researchers are specialists in electron transfer, biotechnology of plant-microorganism interaction, production of compounds of industrial interest by microalgae and plants, structural cytochemistry, membrane traffic, signal transmission in cells and seed biotechnology. These researchers maintain close relationships with universities and Spanish and foreign biotechnology companies, some of whose components are professors of the program. The scientific potential is fully guaranteed by the tradition, brilliance and future perspectives of its researchers’ curricula.


Bellogín Izquierdo, Ramón

Bermudez Pulgarín, Beatriz

Camacho Martínez-Vara de Rey, María

Cámara, Miguel

Capote Martínez, Nieves

Chávez de Diego, Sebastián   

Cubo Sánchez, MaríaTeresa              

Daza Navarro, Paula               

De la Cruz Díaz, Jesús 

Díez García, Bruno

Domínguez García, Inmaculada

Escudero Cuadrado, Luis María

Espuny Gómez, Mª del Rosario

Florencio Bellido, F. Javier

Gil Martínez, Jorge

Goder,  Veit

Gómez Tubio, Ana

Jurado Lobo, Valme

López Baena,  Francisco Javier

Ignacio Luque Romero

Maltempi de Souza, Enmanuel

Martínez Force, Enrique

Molina Heredia, Fernando  Publio   

Moreno Onorato, Francisco Javier

Muñiz Guinea, Manuel Antonio

Niviere, Vicent 

Ollero Márquez, Francisco  Javier

Orta Vázquez, Manuel Luis

Ortega Calvo, José Julio

Ortega Rodríguez, José María

Pardo Prieto, José Manuelé-manuel-0

Pastor, Nuria    

Riezman, Howard

Rodríguez-Navarro, Dulce

Romero Rodríguez, José María

Ruiz Sainz, José Enrique

Saiz Jiménez, Cesáreo

Sánchez Aguayo, Inmaculada

Temprano Vera, Francisco

Tortolero García, María Dolores

Valbuena Crespo, Noelia

Villalobo Polo, Eduardo

Vinardell  González, José María

Vioque Peña, Agustín