Animal Biology: Physiology, Biotechnology, Biodiversity, Evolution and Conservation

The "Animal Biology: Physiology, Biotechnology, Biodiversity, Evolution and Conservation" line is mostly carried out by professors from the Faculty of Biology of the University of Seville and by researchers from the Doñana Biological Station, CSIC. Among them, there are taxonomists and ecologists of international renown, leaders in their field worldwide. The research lines in this section include both aspects of basic science and applied science, highlighting among others: taxonomy, ecology and biogeography of invertebrates, both marine and terrestrial, functional ecology of freshwater ecosystems, population genetics, phylogeography and conservation of invertebrates and vertebrates, physiology and neuronal plasticity, neuroscience and behavior. Likewise, in this line there are several researchers involved in the development of patents and business initiatives through spin-off companies of the University of Seville.

Arizmendi, Coro          

Arrebola Burgos, José Ramón

Balbontín Arenas, Javier

Beltrán Gala, Juan Francisco  

Delibes Mateos, Miguel

Encina Encina, Lourdes

Escudero Gonzalez, Miguel                

Espinosa Torre, Free  

Fernandes, Geraldo W.

García Gómez, José Carlos

Godoy Lopez, Jose A.   

Gomez Mestre, Ivan    

Gonzalez-Voyer, Alejandro

Granado Lorencio, Carlos

Guerra García, José Manuel               

Jovani Tarrida, Roger 

Kubecka, Jan    

Leonard, Jennifer

López González, Pablo José    

López Martínez, Mª Ángeles  

López-Fé de la Cuadra, Carlos María

Megina Martinez, Cesar

Negro Balmaseda, Juan José  

Pastor Loro, Angel Manuel

Petrere JR, Miguel

Potti, Jaime

Revilla, Eloy      

Rodríguez Ruiz, Amadora

Sánchez Moyano, Juan Emilio

Santamaría, Luis

Serrano Martin, Laura

Vilá Arbones, Carles