To become a PhD student, the following steps must accomplished, which are detailed in the following web addresses within the deadlines established by the Responsible Unit for the Management of Doctoral Studies.


Documentation to be submitted

See: (“Documentation to be submitted” section)


Specific documentation required by the Academic Committee

• Complete and updated Curriculum Vitae, detailing professional and research experience of the candidate.

• Project proposal:

• Title of the thesis project.

• Research line to which the PhD student is assigned.

• Brief description of the project (max 500 words).

• Evaluation and supporting letter of the supervisor and / or tutor proposed of the project.

• Recommendation letter of the student by accredited scientists (it can serve the supporting letter of the Supervisor or Tutor or the letter of any other researcher who has had professional relation with the applicant)


Admission procedure

The body in charge of admission to the program is the Academic Committee.


Admission criteria

The selection of candidates will be made by the Academic Committee, with advice from the monitoring committees of the established areas, taking into account the following elements in descending order of importance:

1. Officially certified academic record.

2. Accredited research capacity through publications and participation in projects.

3. Level of knowledge of languages.

4. Letters of presentation by accredited scientists.

Admission systems and procedures adapted to students with special educational needs derived from disability.

The PhD Program will follow the current regulations in the University of Seville on adapting the teachings to the particularities of students derived from disability and will ensure that these students have all the information available in this regard through the Student with Disability Attention Unit ( Specifically, the Academic Committee will inform students with special needs of the lines and research projects whose methodology is best adapted to these needs, so that these are not a limit for the incorporation to the PhD Program.

Part-time students enrolled to the PhD Program in Integrative Biology. For those students who request it and attending to the basic rules published by the University of Seville that address the work and family needs of students (Web link not yet enabled), it is expected that 30% of the offer of annual places in the PhD Program in Integrative Biology is for part-time students.


Admission scale

In case it is necessary to select candidates if there is higher demand for access to the program than places offered, the value given to the merits submitted will be as follows:

1. Academic record: 40%.

2. Publications and participations in projects: 35%

3. Level of knowledge of languages: 15%

4. Letters of presentation by accredited scientists: 10%

The application of these scales corresponds to the Academic Committee, which will ensure that members of the three lines of research are present, when all the members can not be present. Part-time students (up to 30% of the total) and students with special academic needs will be considered.

Assignment of tutor and / or thesis supervisor

The supervisor or supervisors of the thesis will be proposed by the student in his application, after agreement between them. The Academic Committee will accept the proposal of these directors once they have verified that they meet the requirements established in RD 99/2011. Students can also propose their tutor, with the agreement of the latter, from among the faculty professors of the corresponding research line belonging to the staff of the University of Seville. In this case, the Academic Committee will accept the proposal. If there is no proposal of tutor, the Academic Commission will appoint one with the mentioned criteria.